Ezhi-nawending : How we are Related. Teachers Resource Guide

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Kelly Crawford
Anishinaabeg, Ojibwe
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Spiral Bound
Union of Ontario Indians
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In the online resource, Ezhi-nawending: How we are Related available at https://www.anishinabek.ca/education-resources/treaty-education-home/ Alex takes readers on a journey to learn about Treaties. Through Landings on Turtle's Back, various sections are explained. For example, Who Are the Anishinaabeg? What is a Treaty? Wampum, the Dish With One Spoon, The Treaty of Niagara, Anishinaabeg Hall of Heroes, The Robinson Huron Treaty, and then Bringing It All Together.

This Ezhi-nawending: How we are Related Teacher's Guide helps teachers on their own learning journey in the classroom. It helps teachers who may be on their own learning journey go through the online elementary treaty education resource with support and guidance.

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