Forever Birchwood

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Danielle Daniel
Grade Levels:
Four, Five, Six
Harper Collins Canada
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Danielle Daniel, of Algonquin, French and Scottish descent, is the author of this middle grade adventure novel. Trail-blazing Wolf lives in a northern mining town and spends her days exploring the mountains with her three best friends Penny, Ann and Brandi. The girls’ secret refuge is their tree-house hideaway, Birchwood, Wolf’s favourite place on earth. When her beloved grandmother tells her that she is the great-granddaughter of a tree talker, Wolf knows that she is destined to protect the birch trees and wildlife that surround her.

But Wolf’s mother doesn’t understand this connection at all. Not only is she reluctant to engage with their family’s Indigenous roots, she seems suspiciously on the wrong side of the environmental protection efforts in their hometown. To make matters worse her mother is dating a new boyfriend named Roger, whose motives—and construction company—seem equally suspect.

As summer arrives, so do bigger problems. Wolf and her friends discover orange plastic bands wrapped around the trees near their cherished hangout spot, and their once stable friendship seems on the verge of unravelling. Birchwood has given them so much—can they even stay together long enough to save this special place?

2023 Silver Birch Fiction Award® Nominees Grades 5-6, fiction


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