Freddie the Flyer

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Danielle Metcalfe-Chenail & Fred Carmichael
Audrea Wulf
Grade Levels:
Three, Four, Five
Book Type:
Tundra Books
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This picture book pays homage to aviator Fred Carmichael — the first Northern Indigenous commercial pilot — with each month of the year highlighting moments from his career, the beauty of the North and the power of dreams.

When Fred Carmichael was twelve years old, he saw a plane up close for the first time when it dropped off supplies in his remote community. With that one look, he was hooked.

Fred spent 60 years as a pilot, doing everything from supply runs to search and rescue to transporting dog teams to far-flung areas.

This book celebrates Fred’s early dreams of flying and the things he later accomplished. Readers move with Fred through the year, with each month highlighting a moment on Fred’s journey as a pilot. Danielle Metcalfe-Chenail is co-author. Art from Indigenous painter Audrea Wulf perfectly captures the incredible beauty of the North as well as Fred’s love for aviation. This book contains Full colour throughout.

Fred Carmichael was born at Aklavik, Northwest Territories in 1935. His mother was a descendant of Gwich’in Chiefs, his father, a long-time trapper, was the first elected member of the Territorial Council representing the Mackenzie Delta. He is well known as an aviation entrepreneur, search and rescue pilot, mentor for aspiring Indigenous youth, pioneer Indigenous commercial pilot and contributor to community life in the Northwest Territories.

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