Frozen River / nîkwatin sîpiy

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Michaela Washburn, Joelle Peters, Carrie Costello
Grade Levels:
Five, Six, Seven
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Playwrights Canada Press
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Co-written by Michaela Washburn, Métis artist of Cree, French, Irish, and English ancestry, Joelle Peters, Anishinaabe (Ojibwe) playwright and actor from Walpole Island First Nation in Southwestern Ontario, and Carrie Costello, playwright.

Exploring reconciliation and connection through a story that spans seven generations, Frozen River (nîkwatin sîpiy) tells the story of two eleven-year-olds through the eyes of Grandmother Moon. Eilidh and Wâpam are born under the same blood moon, but Eilidh was born in Scotland and Wâpam in Kihci-Manito kâ ayapit, now known as Manitoba. After sailing across the ocean in hopes of a more prosperous life, Eilidh meets Wâpam deep in the forest, and the two become instant friends. Coming from vastly different worlds, Eilidh and Wâpam decide to teach each other about their ways of life. But when a sacred promise between them is broken, the relationship among cultures becomes jeopardized for generations to come.

Frozen River (nîkwatin sîpiy) shows audiences that an openness to learn from those who have protected and honoured the waterways for centuries can lead to healing and reconciliation.

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