Haudenosaunee Culture through Art & Design: Book 1, Teachers Edition

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Teyotsihstokwathe Dakota Brant
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Teaching Guide
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Colouring Book
Sapling & Flint
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Haudenosaunee Culture through Art & Design: Book, Teachers Edition is an Ontario curriculum-based teacher’s companion to the Haudenosaunee Culture through Art & Design: Book 1 colouring book and can be used by any teacher, Indigenous and non-Indigenous, anywhere, to help their students learn about the core Elements of Design that make up Visual Art. This Teachers Edition comes with all the pages of the colouring book, as well as 85 activities and a Mohawk language lexicon, that promote visual arts learning for grades 1 through 8This publication corresponds with the Ontario curriculum (version 2009) for visual arts teaching, but the author encourages its use for any teacher with a desire to include Indigenous content in their classroom!

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