Horses in the Sand : A Memoir

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Lorrie Potvin
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Adult Education
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Inanna Publications
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Horses in the Sand is Lorrie Potvin's, tradeswoman, artist, writer, and teacher and queerishly two-spirited Métis, sequel to her first book, First Gear: A Motorcycle Memoir. This book is a collection of stories that document a queer woman's journey from her sparse beginnings as a child to becoming a tradeswoman, teacher, and artist. With courage, humour, and frank honesty, the stories describe what it was like to grow up as a girl who was starkly different from "normal" and how "coming out" became a lifelong process of self-acceptance and changing identities. The stories also speak to the difficulties in participating in and maintaining healthy adult relationships when childhood beginnings are rooted in violence and trauma, and end with a triumphant account of fulfilling a long-time dream of buying land and building a home with her own hands. Ultimately, the memoir is a celebration of making art, telling stories, and of finding her birth father, a family of half siblings, and an Indigenous community whose presence she had always felt, but never knew she belonged to.

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