I Wish You Were Here

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Erica Jean Reid Gidin Jaad
James Michael Reid
Grade Levels:
Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven
Haida Gwaii
Book Type:
Strong Nations Publishing
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Written by Erica Jean Reid Gidin Jaad, Haida, Tsimshian (Ts'msysen) and illustrated by James Michael Reid, I Wish You Were here is a series of letters between best friends.

I Wish You Were Here is based on the authors' childhood experiences as pen pals in Haida Gwaii and Terrace in northern British Columbia. The book explores themes of friendship, culture, family, and community. It also addresses some tough issues, such as racism and intolerance, and explores ways to respond proactively. Included are resources and discussion questions to encourage further learning and reflection.

Educator Information: Recommended for grades 3 to 7.

This middle-grade picture book includes discussion questions, a glossary, and additional resources for further learning and reflection.

Curriculum Connections & Keywords: Reconciliation, Indigenous Education, Social Awareness and Responsibility, Social Studies, Allyship, Racism, Anti-Racism, Discrimination, Social Justice, Racial Injustice, Haida, Haida Gwaii, Gwaii Haanas National Park, Tsimshian, Terrace, Letter Writing, Pen Pals, Friendship, Diversity, Child Empowerment, Advocacy, Inclusivity.

This book provides readers the opportunity to look at racism and discrimination through two different cultural lenses. It's a teaching tool to initiate conversations about issues such as racism, discrimination, and reconciliation.


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