Iakotinenioia'ks - The Little People

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Kanerahtenha:wi Hilda Nicholas, Alice Nelson, Kawinonhsen Audrey Nelson
Gabriel Doxtator, Katlatont Brenda
Grade Levels:
Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven
Woodland, Iroquois, Mohawk
Book Type:
Kanehsatake Education Centre

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Iakotinenioia'ks - The Little People is a Mohawk language resource translated by Alice Nelson and Kawinonhsen Audrey Nelson for use by elementary students at Kanehsatake, Quebec. This story explains the encounter between a young woman and the legendary Little People. The Little People reward the girl's caring nature with gifts of abundant food, understanding, and the ability to see only the good in others. This 21-page illustrated text is written in the Mohawk language with an English translation. An excellent teaching resource for anyone learning Kanehsatake Mohawk, and traditional values. Please note: cost reflects publisher's full-colour photocopying expenses.

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