Indigenous Communities in Canada: Abenaki Gedakina (PB)

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Dawn Smith
Indigenous Communities in Canada
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Two, Three, Four, Five, Six
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Indigenous Communities in Canada
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Indigenous Communities in Canada: Abenaki Gedakina is an elementary level information book by Réjean OBomsawin. The content consultant is Jacinthe Laliberté, Communications Director Enseignement Abenaki.  Published by Beech Street Books, this book is part of their Curriculum Connections series. Indigenous Communities in Canada are about the past and present-day culture and history. Indigenous Communities in Canada: Abenaki Gedakina, describes where the Abenaki First Nations missions of Odanak and Wôlinak are located on the south shore of the Saint Lawrence River, which share Gadakina, their vast ancestral territory. This first chapter  discusses the changes that occurred with the arrival of Europeans and the occupation of Abenaki Gedakina. The Changes include displacement to the western part of their territory, loss of Abenaki language and clan system, and different teaching and learning. The politics of the Abenaki are also part of chapter one.  Chapter two is about daily life historically and today. Chapter three tells the story of life in birchbark covered tents and today living in houses with electricity; of previous times of trading and current work and jobs.  Chapter four introduces spiritual ceremonies and the changes to christianity but also the loss of traditions. There are preservation initiatives for preserving Abenaki culture for generations to come. Abenaki traditional territory and a map of this area is shown in colour. The text is complemented by colourful photos and the content introduces primary and junior level students to the Abenaki Gedakina. Throughout the text readers will find ‘Say It’ prompts to pronounce Abenaki words. Includes a table of contents, glossary, information on learning more with websites, an index and information about the authors. Guided reading level: M. Recommended.

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