Indigenous Peoples and Climate Change

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Marla Tomlinson, Content consultant Dennis McPherson
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Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven
Multiple Nations
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Beech Street Books
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Indigenous Peoples and Climate Change is part of the series on Canada’s Changing Climate: Problems and Solutions. This series investigates the impact of climate change on Canada’s peoples, place and lifestyle.  Indigenous Peoples and Climate Change is by Marla Tomlinson with content consultant Dennis McPherson, band member of Couchiching First Nation, and a professor in the Department of Indigenous Learning at Lakehead University. The chapters in this book are as follows: Chapter 1: Indigenous Peoples and Mother Earth discusses this in relationship and with the respect for the gifts of water, air and fire; Chapter 2: Just A Few Degrees is about why climate change matters and is a serious concern; Chapter 3: The Melting Ice; Chapter 4: Inuit and Sea Ice: A Strong Connection; Chapter 5: Lost Ice, Lost Land; Chapter 6: Changing Indigenous Communities; Chapter 7: Permafrost; Chapter 8: Shifting Communities; Chapter 9: Impacts on Traditional Foods; Chapter 10: Animals on the Move; Chapter 11: Limited Food Access; Chapter 12: Where the Fire Blows; Chapter 13: Elders Tackling Climate Change. This 32 page back hardcover book includes a table of contents and an index. The content is supplemented with colour photographs, infographics, side-bar information, diagrams, charts and case studies. There is a glossary, a To Learn More section, websites, and information about the author.

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