Keeping the Rope Straight: Annie Dodge Wauneka’s Life of Service

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Carolyn Niethammer
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College, University
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Salina Bookshelf
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Annie Wauneka devoted her life to helping her people. Inspired by the example of her father, Henry Chee Dodge, Annie immersed herself in tribal politics and became a leader in the battle against tuberculosis. With amazing skill and foresight, Annie melded traditional Navajo culture with the modern world, and brought about unprecedented improvements in the healthcare and education available to her people. As a Tribal Council delegate and chairperson of the Health and Welfare Committee, she changed many lives and motivated countless individuals. Although obstacles loomed in her path, Annie confronted them boldly. Her years of service earned her the Presidential Medal of Freedom, awarded to her by Lyndon B. Johnson. More precious, however, was her title of Our Legendary Mother in the hearts of the people of the Navajo Nation. This biography of Annie Wauneka is perfect for children ages 12 and up

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