Ken Nieiaka:a Tiatateken:a: The Younger Sister

SKU: KRCC12443

Tewateronhiakhwa Mina Beauvais, Hilda Nicholas
Gabriel, Kahenti:ne Kim
Grade Levels:
Three, Four, Five, Six
Iroquois, Mohawk, Woodland
Book Type:
Kanehsatake Education Centre

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Tsi Rawennakera:ton Ne Sken:nen Ron:nis – The Birth of the Peacemaker is a bilingual Mohawk and English language resource adapted by Tewateronhiakwa Mina Beauvais for elementary level students at Kanehsatake, Quebec. This Mohawk text explains the birth of The Peacemaker and his important mission of peace to the Iroquois. This condensed version outlines the circumstances surrounding the boy's birth and ends with his preparation of the stone canoe just prior to setting out on the journey of peace. This ten page illustrated text is written in Mohawk with an English translation. An excellent teaching resource for anyone learning Kanehsatake Mohawk.

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