Love Life Loss and a little bit of hope : Poems from the Soul

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Chief R. Stacey Laforme
Samantha Gibbon
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Adult Education
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Durvile & Uproute
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Stacey Laforme was born on a cold December morning into a life of alcoholism and abuse. At fifteen, he left home and lived on the street, eventually finding a home with both of his grandmothers. He started his first job at twelve years old, eventually going into the family business and joining the iron workers union. He attended college late in life. He retired from iron work and, as he admits, “If I am honest, I was not the best at iron work.” After his mother passed away at the age of fifty, he was elected to council. He ran and was elected Chief of the Mississaugas of the Anishinaabe in December 2015, a few months after his father passed away. Chief Laforme says, “I am dedicated to my people, and to all the people who live within our treaty lands.” Chief LaForme recently became only the third Honourary Senior Fellow of Massey College, joining the Duke of Edinburgh and the Chancellor of Oxford University in the rarest honour the college can bestow.

“We should not have to change to fit into society the world should adapt to embrace our uniqueness.” -- Chief Stacey Laforme

In Love, Life, Loss and a little bit of hope, Chief Stacey Laforme breathes life into every poem and story he shares, drawing from his own experiences. Rich with the essence of his soul, the poems in this book capture the moments and emotions that have shaped him. His desire is for readers to not just read, but to truly feel the humour and pain intertwined in these poems. Much like in Living in the Tall Grass, this latest poetry collection invites non-Indigenous people to see through the eyes of Indigenous people with topics of peace and humanity, as well as grief, trauma ... and hope.

This book contains 3 b&w illustrations. Foreword by Kevin Hearn | Illustrations and cover art by Samantha Gibbon.

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