Lowanpi Mato’s Tipi

SKU: 9781771744751

Soo Kim Goodtrack
Grade Levels:
One, Two, Three, Four
Sioux, Lakota, Hunkpapa
Book Type:
Strong Nations Publishing
Copyright Date:

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“Hokahe! Welcome!” Welcome to Wood Mountain, home of the Lakota People, in southern Saskatchewan. It is here that we meet Stan Lethbridge, whose ancestral name is Lowanpi Mato (Singing Bear). Join Lowanpi Mato as he prepares to set up his summer Tipi. He shares with us Lakota life values and traditions, and how they connect to building and taking care of a Tipi. He teaches us that to build a Tipi you need many items; some are from natural sources and others are purchased from a store. Lowanpi Mato takes us through a step-by-step building process so that we can all learn how a Tipi is built. The Lakota language is woven throughout the story. The Lakota counting chart on pages 30 and 31 invites you to learn to count and have some fun looking back through the book to find items that match each number. Written by Kim Soo Goodtrack and Stan Lethbridge and illustrated by Kim Soo Goodtrack.

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