Make Your Own Inuksuk

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Mary Wallace
Grade Levels:
Four, Five, Six
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Maple Tress Press
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An inuksuk, a powerful symbol of the Arctic, is a stone structure that acts as a messenger. Traditionally, inuksuit (plural) have been built by the Inuit to act in the place of a human being: to show the way when travelers were a long way from home, to warn of very dangerous places, or to show where food was stored.
Following the acclaimed and award-winning The Inuksuk Book, Make Your Own Inuksuk shows readers how to build their very own inuksuk. This full-color book provides an engaging overview of inuksuit-- what they are, why they were important in the past and how they can bring significance to our own lives today.
Filled with startlingly beautiful photographs of various inuksuit in different natural settings, Make Your Own Inuksuk is as visually arresting as it is easy to follow. Make Your Own Inuksuk offers clear step-by-step instructions and practical advice on selecting and preparing stones to build a wide variety of inuksuit. It also helps readers choose a location that reflects their inuksuk's meaning, whether in a garden, at the cabin or at home.

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