Mind Over Matter : Hard-Won Battles on the Road to Hope

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Jordin Tootoo & Stephen Brunt
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Adult Education, College, University
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Penguin Canada
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Following on the bestselling success of the inspiring All the Way, pioneering Inuit NHLer Jordin Tootoo, the first Inuk hockey player to play in the NHL, begins the process of healing in the wake of the suicide and violence that marked his family, only to discover the source of all that trauma in his father’s secret past.

For some hockey players, retirement marks the moment when it’s all over. But Jordin Tootoo is not most hockey players.
Having inspired millions when he first broke into the league, Tootoo continued to influence people throughout his career—not only through his very public triumph over alcoholism, but also his natural charisma. And now, years after hanging up his skates, he is more committed to doing things the right way and speaking about it to others, whether it’s corporate executives or Indigenous youth.

But the news of unmarked graves on the grounds of residential schools brought back to life many of the demons that had haunted his family. In a moment of realization that left him rattled and saddened, Tootoo fit the pieces together. The years that were never spoken of. The heavy drinking. The all too predictable violence. His father was a survivor, marked by what he had survived.

And, Tootoo realizes, his community is marked in the same way. Its joy too often sapped away by alcoholism, its youth all too often cut down by suicide—as his brother had been. As he travels back to Nunavut to try to speak with his father about what haunts him, he encounters the ghosts of the entire community.

Still, as Tootoo says, we are continuously learning and rewriting our story at every step. He has learned from his mistakes and his victories. He has learned from examples of great courage and humility. He has learned from being a father and a husband. And he has learned from his own Inuk traditions, of perseverance and discipline in the face of hardship.

Weaving together life’s biggest themes with observations and episodes, Jordin shares the kind of wisdom he has had to specialize in—the hard-won kind.

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