Mitji - Let's Eat! Mi'kmaq Recipes from Sikniktuk

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Margaret Augustine and Lauren Beck
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Nimbus Publishing
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Written by Margaret Augustine and Dr. Lauren Beck. Photographs by Patricia Bourque, Mi'kmaw First Nation of Lennox Island First Nation, from Epekwitk also known as Prince Edward Island, located in the traditional territory of Mi'kma'ki.

An intergenerational source of wisdom and Knowledge, Mitji combines a cultural history of Mi'kmaw cuisine with a practical cookbook.

The welcome call of "Mitji" can be heard by Mi'kmaw children, hungry workers, family, and friends when dinner is ready. This book, too, is an invitation to celebrate and practice Mi'kmaq foodways: the recipes passed down from one generation to the next; the way traditional foods and medicines are gathered, hunted, and cooked; and the lived experience of ancestors and Elders about how to nourish the spirit and body through Mi'kmaw culture and knowledge.

Mitji — Let's Eat! Mi'kmaq Recipes from Sikniktuk offers over 30 traditional and popular Mi'kmaq recipes, arranged seasonally — like Fish Cakes and Eel Stew in spring; Blueberry "Poor Man's Cake" and Stuffed Salmon in summer; Swiss Steak with Moose Meat and Apple Pie in fall; and Molasses Cake and Wiusey Petaqn in winter.

Each recipe is contextualized with its origins, contributor information, food stories, and detailed preparation instructions, and throughout the book are short essays on Mi'kmaw cuisine, drawing a picture of how Mi'kmaq foodways were influenced by colonization, on the one hand, and how food became and remains a significant vehicle of resistance, on the other. Whether a novice or well-seasoned cook, Mitji is a feast for the reader: a bountiful introduction to, and celebration of, Mi'kmaw cuisine.

The book contains 50+ coloured images.

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