Muiwlanej kikamaqki - Honouring Our Ancestors Mi'kmaq Who Left a Mark on the History of the Northeast, 1680 to 1980

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Janet E. Chute
Grade Levels:
Twelve, Adult Education, College, University
Mi’kmaw, Mi’kmaq
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University of Toronto Press
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Edited by Janet E. Chute with a Foreword by Donald M. Julien, the executive director of The Confederacy of Mainland Mi’kmaq.

This important book offers new insights into Indigenous lives and actions during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, an era of major change along the Atlantic seaboard.

Drawing upon oral and documentary evidence, this volume explores the lives of noteworthy Mi’kmaw individuals whose thoughts, actions, and aspirations impacted the history of the Northeast but whose activities were too often relegated to the shadows of history.

The book highlights Mi’kmaw leaders who played major roles in guiding the history of the region between 1680 and 1980. It sheds light on their community and emigration policies, organizational and negotiating skills, diplomatic endeavours, and stewardship of land and resources. Contributors to the volume range from seasoned scholars with years of research in the field to Mi’kmaw students whose interest in their history will prove inspirational. Offering important new insights, the book "re-centres" Indigenous nationhood to alter the way we understand the field itself. The book also provides a lengthy index so that information may be retrieved and used in future research.

Muiwlanej kikamaqki – Honouring Our Ancestors will engage the interest of Indigenous and non-Indigenous readers alike, engender pride in Mi’kmaw leadership legacies, and encourage Mi’kmaw youth and others to probe more deeply into the history of the Northeast. This book contains 61 b&w illustrations.

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