My Heroes Have Always Been Indians: A Century of Great Indigenous Albertans

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Cora J. Voyageur
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Twelve, Adult Education, College, University
Multiple Nations
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Brush Education
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Dr. Cora J. Voyageur is a Residential School Survivor and a member of the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation from northern Alberta.

In a series of inspirational profiles, Cora Voyageur celebrates 100 remarkable Indigenous Albertans whose achievements have enriched their communities, the province, and the world.

As a child, Cora rarely saw Indigenous individuals represented in her history textbooks or in pop culture. Willie Nelson sang “My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys,” but Cora wondered, where were the heroes who looked like her? She chose the title of her book in response, to help reflect her reality.

In fact, you don’t have to look very hard to find Indigenous Albertans excelling in every field, from the arts to business and everything in between. Cora wrote this book to ensure these heroes receive their proper due.

Some of the individuals in this collection need no introduction, while others are less well known. From past and present and from all walks of life, these 100 Indigenous heroes share talent, passion, and legacies that made a lasting impact.

Read about:

Douglas Cardinal, the architect whose iconic, flowing designs grace cities across Alberta, across Canada, and in Washington, DC,
Nellie Carlson, a dedicated activist whose work advanced the cause of Indigenous women and the education of Indigenous children,
Alex Janvier, whose pioneering work has firmly established him as one of Canada’s greatest artists,
Moostoos, “The Buffalo,” the spokesperson for the Cree in Treaty 8 talks who fought tirelessly to defend his People’s rights,
And many more.

Table of Contents
1. Aatsista-Mahkan (Running Rabbit)
2. Anderson, Anne
3. Auger, Dale
4. Bad Boy, Margaret
5. Benson, Mel Edward
6. Berube, Craig
7. Big Plume, Joseph Lloyd
8. Black Kettle, Maggie
9. Bourassa, John
10. Bourque, Sharon
11. Brady, James Patrick
12. Calahasen, Pearl
13. Callihoo, John
14. Callihoo, Victoria
15. Calliou, Brian
16. Cardinal, Douglas Joseph Henry
17. Cardinal, Gilbert
18. Cardinal, Harold
19. Cardinal, Melvin “Mike”
20. Cardinal, Tantoo
21. Cardinal-Schubert, Joane Marguerite
22. Carlson, Nellie Mildred
23. Chalifoux, Thelma
24. Chonkolay, Harry Gabriel
25. Clark-Jones, Bertha
26. Collins, Joan
27. Cree, Raphael
28. Crop Eared Wolf (Makoyi-Opistoki)
29. Crowchild, David
30. Crowfoot, Bert
31. Crowshoe, Joseph and Josephine
32. Crowshoe, Lindsay
33. Crowshoe, Reg
34. Cunningham, Chester Raymond
35. Cunningham, Henry
36. Daniels, Christine
37. Decoteau, Alexander Wuttunee
38. Dickason, Olive Patricia
39. Dion, Joseph Francis
40. Donald, Bella “Georgina”
41. Eagle Speaker, Casey
42. Erasmus, Peter
43. Fedyk, Cora
44. Fletcher, John Thomas
45. Fortin, Terry
46. Fosseneuve, Louison “Shot”
47. Friedel, Marge
48. Garrioch, Alfred Campbell
49. Genaille, Sheila
50. Gladstone, James Basil
51. Gladue, Joey Wayne
52. Gray, Delia
53. Guest, Jacqueline
54. Halfe, Louise Bernice (Skydancer)
55. Hope, Adrian
56. Janvier, Alexandre Simeon
57. Jobin, Louis
58. Johnson, Connie Beverly
59. Kane, Margo
60. Lafleur, Joseph “Dollar”
61. Lewis, Willard
62. L’Hirondelle, Louis “Maurice”
63. Lightning, Albert (Buffalo Child)
64. Little Bear, Leroy
65. Littlechild, George
66. Littlechild, Jacob Wilton “Willie”
67. Lusty, Terry
68. Mandamin, The Honourable Leonard Stephen
69. Margetts, Jenny
70. McDonald, Dorothy
71. Moostoos, “The Buffalo” (a.k.a. Louison Willier)
72. Norris, Malcolm
73. Norwest, Henry
74. Omeniho, Melanie
75. Ominayak, Bernard
76. Parenteau, Lillian
77. Poitras, Audrey
78. Poitras, Jane Ash
79. Randle, Kenton
80. Roberts, Jed
81. Samson, John
82. Sewepagaham, William Andrew Joseph
83. Shot in Both Sides
84. Sinclair, Samuel
85. Smallboy, Robert
86. Soop, Everett
87. Souray, Sheldon
88. Stanley-Venne, Muriel
89. Steinhauer, Ralph G.
90. Supernault, Clifford Rodger
91. Tailfeathers, Gerald
92. Three Persons, Tom
93. Tomkins, Peter Jr.
94. Tuccaro, David Gabriel
95. Urion, Carl
96. Vinson, Laura
97. Voyageur, Alice
98. Walking Buffalo (a.k.a. George McLean)
99. Ward, Ken

100. Willier, Billy

Appendix A: Questionnaire
Appendix B: Introductory Letter to Indigenous Community
Appendix C: Newspaper Advertisement
Appendix D: List of First Nations in Alberta

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