My Trip to Pond Inlet. Inuktitut and English Edition.

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Solomon Awa
Grade Levels:
Kindergarten, One, Two, Three
Book Type:
Arvaaq Press, Inhabit Education
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Solomon Awa was born in a sod house near Iglulik on November 2, 1959. From a young age, he was curious about everything around him. He learned to sew traditional items such as sealskins from his late mother, Appia Awa. His late father, Mathias Awa, was an excellent carver, especially with ivory, and one time he made a harpoon from caribou antlers in one night! Solomon learned to carve from him. Solomon loves to tell the stories that he learned from his father. He does this at schools, and also had the opportunity to go to Kaotokeno, Norway, to tell some of these stories. He teaches traditional knowledge at Nunavut Arctic College and works for the Qikiqtani Inuit Association. Illustrated by Emma Pedersen, a Toronto-based illustrator.

One rainy day, Solomon is playing inside with his sister. Suddenly, he trips and burns his arm in a pot of boiling water! The burn is so bad that he must travel to the health centre in the neighbouring community of Pond Inlet. Solomon has to stay in Pond Inlet until his arm heals. Even though Solomon misses his home, he likes playing with the other kids at the health centre and exploring the new and exciting community of Pond Inlet. Full colour illustrations throughout. Audience: Ages 5-7.

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