Naaahsa Aisinaki! / Naaahsa is an Artist! (English and Blackfoot) (HC)

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Hali Heavy Shield
Grade Levels:
One, Two, Three
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Second Story Press
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Written by Hali Heavy Shield, a multidisciplinary artist and a member of the Blood Tribe of Southern Alberta, and translated by Norma Jean Russell, a native speaker of Blackfoot.I llustrated by Faye Heavy Shield, a preeminent artist within Alberta and the Blackfoot Confederacy.

A powerful story of a young girl who celebrates her grandmother’s art and the connection between them, in dual language Blackfoot and English!

Naaahsa says art is a language everyone understands. Sometimes we make art together. We draw, we bead, we sing. Sometimes Naaahsa tells stories in Blackfoot. I even get to go with her to see her art show at the National Gallery. Naaahsa is famous for her art, but I love her hugs best!

Naaahsa is an Artist! is a celebration of art, artists, and Indigenous women artists in particular. Each page comes to life with bold patterns, shapes, and Naaahsa's encouraging words that may inspire young readers to want to make art themselves. Full colour throughout.

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