Nahganne : Tales of the Northern Sasquatch. Revised Edition.

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Red Grossinger
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Twelve, Adult Education, College, University
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Durville and Uproute Books
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Author Red Grossinger is of mixed Algonquin-Huron ancestry and was raised in the Laurentian Mountains of Quebec.

In this revised edition, Nahganne: Tales of the Northern Sasquatch presents over a hundred encounters with giant bipedal, forest-dwelling, hirsute hominoid entities.
In the North they have been given many regional names; although they are commonly known as Nahganne or Sasquatch. This new edition presents newly reported activities such as sightings, strange vocals, the discovery of large human-like footprints, strange animal reaction, and weird tree events. The book also contains bits of history and details about the First Nation Peoples of the North. Also in this revised edition book, Red Grossinger includes all-new investigative analyses about the encounters and occurrences.

Foreword by Raymond Yakeleya from Tulita (formally Fort Norman) in the central Northwest Territories. This book contains 8 B&W illustrations.

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