North of Middle Island

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D.A. Lockhart
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Kegedonce Press
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D.A. Lockhart is pùkuwànkoamimëns of the Moravian of the Thames First Nation.

North of Middle Island journeys to the southernmost tip of the territories of Canada. The first section of the book captures in verse the spirit of the relatively isolated, sparsely populated Pelee Island, exploring contemporary Indigenous experience in the natural and built environments. Its second section is an epic poem, in traditional Anglo-Saxon style, entitled "Piper." A myth loosely based on the infamous professional wrestler and actor Rowdy Roddy Piper's time on Pelee Island, this epic story unfolds the events of Wrestlemania XII, Piper's infamous "Backlot Brawl" with fellow wrestler Gold Dust.
Middle Island in Lake Erie, Ontario, is the southernmost point of the territories of Canada. It lies just south of Pelee Island, and is a mere 150 metres from the U.S. Border. Follow acclaimed Moravian of the Thames First Nation poet D.A. Lockhart on this lyrical, epic journey into the unique culture and landscapes that lie just North of Middle Island.

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