Nothing Will Be Different A Memoir (FNCR 2022)

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Tara McGowan-Ross
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Adult Education
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Dundurn Press
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Tara McGowan-Ross is an urban Mi’kmaw multidisciplinary artist and writer. In this memoir, Tara has it pretty good: a nice job, a writing career, a forgiving boyfriend. She should be happy. Yet Tara can’t stay sober. She’s terrible at monogamy. Even her psychiatrist grows sick of her and stops returning her calls. She spends most of her time putting out social fires, barely pulling things off, and feeling sick and tired.

Then, in the autumn following her twenty-seventh birthday, an abnormal lump discovered in her left breast serves as the catalyst for a journey of rigorous self-questioning. Waiting on a diagnosis, she begins an intellectual assessment of her life, desperate to justify a short existence full of dumb choices. Armed with her philosophy degree and angry determination, she attacks each issue in her life as the days creep by and winds up writing a searingly honest memoir about learning to live before getting ready to die. Finalist for the 2022 Hilary Weston Writers’ Trust Prize for Nonfiction.

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