Of Vengeance

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J.D. Kurtness
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Adult Education
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Dundurn Press
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Julie Kurtness, credited as J. D. Kurtness, Innu, is originally from Mashteuiatsh, Quebec.

In, Of Vengeance, a thirteen-year-old girl decides to startle a classmate. Instead, she accidentally kills him. And she likes it. Over the years, she begins experimenting with murder. Her victims are, of course, people that deserve it: a careless driver, a CEO of an energy corporation that is destroying the planet, a rapist. Every crime scene is flawless — untraceable and made to look like an accident or suicide. But, as she sleepwalks through her day job and lives in a crummy apartment, one thing becomes increasingly clear: she needs more. Because nothing compares to the thrill of violent retribution.

J.D. Kurtness won the Indigenous Voices Award for French Prose in 2018 for De vengeance. She lives in Montreal.

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