Please Not Me! A Story of Pain, Healing, Family and Traditional Culture

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Arlene Roberta Greyeyes
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Eagle Hill Publishing
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Please Not Me! A Story of Pain, Healing, Family and Traditional Culture, is a story about tragedy, hope, and ultimately determination by Arlene Roberta Greyeyes, a proud Plains Cree woman raised on the Muskeg Lake Cree Nation in Saskatchewan. It is a story about love of one’s family and the power of healing inherent in First Nations ceremonies. In 1999 Arlene Roberta Greyeyes received a devastating diagnosis: doctors discovered a Grade III-IV brain tumour on her left frontal lobe. After the initial shock of having her whole world turned upside down she was determined - with the encouragement, love and support of those closest to her – to defeat this merciless adversary. Drawing on centuries’ worth of strength and tradition handed down from her Plains Cree Ancestors to the Elders living in her Saskatchewan birthplace, Roberta was in the end able to prevail against all the odds over her formidable foe. This is an account of her tenacity that is both inspirational and compelling.

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