Racism in Southern Alberta and Anti-Racist Activism for Change

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Caroline Hodes & Glenda Tibe Bonifacio (Eds.)
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College, University
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Athabasca University Press
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Edited by Caroline Hodes, associate professor in the Department of Women and Gender Studies at the University of Lethbridge, and Glenda Tibe Bonifacio is chair of the Department of Women and Gender Studies at the University of Lethbridge.

Contributors: Deema Abushaban, Carly Adams, Darren J. Aoki, Rabindra Chaulagain, Roxanna Balbido Epe, Dustin Fox, Monique Giroux, Jason Laurendeau, Gülden Özcan, Migueltzinta Solís, Ibrahim Turay.

Seeking to shed new light on the prevailing mythology surrounding colonial settlerism, this collection presents a detailed examination of the various forms of racism faced by immigrants and Indigenous people living and working in Southern Alberta. Drawing on reflective personal narrative, experiential research, and critical theoretical engagement, these essays connect localized experiences with broader structural and systemic forms of intersectional racism. In these accounts of racial profiling and carding, as well as representations of victim/perpetrator crime reporting, readers are given powerful examples of the many ways that institutional and everyday racism is perpetuated through both policy and practice.

“In Blackfoot we have a word: noohkiitsitaat. It means something similar to ‘bear down,’ or to ‘wait it out,’ or to almost ‘endure’ something. The translation gets lost in English, but stories help with the translation. When a blizzard or thunderstorm is approaching, a herd of iinniwa will make their way to the top of the rolling hills. As the storm swallows the landscape, the buffalo close their eyes and dig their hooves into the ground below. Surrounded by disarray and chaos, they face the storm head on, eyes closed, and become immovable objects waiting it out. In the storm, we are trying to survive. We too need to become immovable objects, conditioned for resilience.”
  —from the chapter by Dustin Fox

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