Reasonable Doubt

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Joel Bernbaum | Lancelot Knight | Yvette Nolan
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Playwrights Canada Press
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A significant moment in Canadian history is portrayed in this documentary musical about race relations between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people. Weaving hundreds of real interviews conducted with Saskatchewan residents and the court transcripts surrounding the killing of Colten Boushie and trial of Gerald Stanley, a kaleidoscopic picture is formed of the views of the incident, the province, and Indigenous people in Canada.

Reasonable Doubt—with interviews by Joel Bernbaum, music by Lancelot Knight, Plains Cree, and dramaturgy by Yvette Nolan, Algonquin/Irish—provides a space to honestly talk to each other about what has happened on this land and how we can live together.

Joel Bernbaum is an actor, director, playwright, journalist, and the founding artistic director of Sum Theatre. Born and raised in Saskatoon, Joel is the only child of a Buddhist mother and Jewish father. He is a graduate of the Canadian College of Performing Arts and Carleton University, where he did his master’s thesis on verbatim theatre’s relationship to journalism.

Lancelot Knight is a Plains Cree singer-songwriter from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. He has toured in Germany, travelled to New Zealand and across North America. Spanning genres and all forms of artistry, he also plays guitar for his Father’s band Chester Knight and the Wind, and has toured with Joey Stylez. Lancelot Knight recently co-created the play Reasonable Doubt.

Born in Saskatchewan to an Algonquin mother and an Irish immigrant father, Yvette Nolan graduated from the University of Manitoba in 1997. She is an accomplished playwright: her plays include BLADE, Job’s Wife, Annie Mae’s Movement, The Birds (a modern adaptation of Aristophanes’ comedy), and The Unplugging. As a director, she has staged many productions for Gwaandak Theatre, Gordon Tootoosis Nīkānīwin Theatre, Signal Theatre (where she is currently an Artistic Associate), Globe Theatre and Western Canada Theatre, and served as the artistic director of Native Earth Performing Arts from 2003 to 2011. She is the author of Medicine Shows: Indigenous Performance Culture (Playwrights Canada Press, 2015).

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