Reclaiming Aboriginal Justice, Identity, and Community

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Craig Proulx
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Purich Books
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Reclaiming Aboriginal Justice, Identity, and Community is one of the titles in Purich's Aboriginal Issues Series. The book examines the various ways Aboriginal Peoples in urban areas cope with justice, healing, and self-government issues. This volume describes the Community Council Project, an Aboriginal diversion program in Toronto. Proulx shows how justice, healing, and community intersect, drawing on the example of the CCP. He discusses what constitutes the Aboriginal community in Toronto, and how the CCP is playing an important role in shaping and defining the community. Among other issues addressed in the book are: crime causation; Indigenous justice knowledge and practice; healing; changes in tradition and culture; and personal and community ownership and empowerment. This book is an important follow-up to an earlier book in Purich's Aboriginal Issues Series - Justice in Aboriginal Communities: Sentencing Alternatives. This book will be of interest to social scientists, criminologists, legal professionals, policy makers, and legislators, and others who seek to understand how justice policies and practices can positively or negatively affect urban Aboriginal lives. Dr. Craig Proulx is a Métis person who holds a doctorate in anthropology from McMaster University. He specializes in Aboriginal justice issues, and has coordinated an alternative justice program in the eight Métis settlements in northern Alberta.

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