Reconciling Truths : Reimagining Public Inquiries in Canada

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Kim Stanton
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UBC Press
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Dr. Kim Stanton works to address a range of Indigenous rights issues as a member of Goldblatt & Partners' Aboriginal law practice group.

Reconciling Truths is a forthright examination of commissions of inquiry that demonstrates the need for astute leadership and an engaging process if they are to lead to meaningful change.

Hundreds of commissions of inquiry have been struck in Canada since before Confederation, but many of their recommendations are never implemented. Reconciling Truths explores the role and implications of public inquiries, particularly their limits and possibilities in an era of reconciliation with Indigenous peoples. Providing examples and in-depth critical analysis of the leadership and process of various commissions, Kim Stanton offers practical guidance on how to improve their effectiveness. This forthright study affirms the potential of inquiries to create a dialogue about issues of public importance, paving the way for policy change and shifting the dominant Canadian narrative over time.

Kim Stanton is a lawyer, a former legal director of the Women’s Legal Education and Action Fund (LEAF), and a senior fellow of Massey College at the University of Toronto. Her legal practice in British Columbia and Ontario has focused on constitutional and Aboriginal law.

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