Rencontre ta famille / Meet Your Family (FR)

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David Bouchard
Grade Levels:
One, Two, Three
French and Ojibwe
Book Type:
Medicine Wheel Publishing
Copyright Date:

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Recontre ta famille (Meet Your Family) is by David Bouchard who was named to the Order of Canada in 2009 for his contributions as an author of children's books. David is Métis/Ojibway of the Martin Clan, his Ojibway name is Zhiibaayaanakwad. Recontre ta famille is illustrated by Kristy Cameron who is of Métis descent. Recontre ta famille is a story about Mother Earth. We come from her, we go to her, without her we wouldn't be here, she gives all of us life and because of her we are all one family. In many segments of Indigenous life we speak of Mother Earth, Father Sky, Grandfather Sun, and Grandmother Moon. Meet Your Family is a rhythmic poem that will enlighten readers on how to view these important figures and share a greater concept of seeing the world as our natural family. Recontre ta famille is presented in both French and Ojibwe. An additional softcover book written in Ojibwe with phonetics guide is included inside this hardcover book

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