Road Allowance Kitten: Broken Promises

SKU: 9781926795942

Wilfred Burton
Johns, Christina
Grade Levels:
Four, Five, Six, Seven
Michif, Metis
Book Type:
Gabriel Dumont Institute Press
Copyright Date:

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Road Allowance Kitten: Broken Promises is a bilingual (Michif/English) picture book by Wilfred Burton and with Michif translation by Norman Fleury. This book is illustrated by Christian Johns. They share more of the adventures of the main characters, Rosie and Madeline, and their pet kitten. Their adventure began in Road Allowance Kitten, which has become a very popular and widely-acclaimed book within the canon of Métis children’s literature. Readers urged author Wilfred Burton to share what happens next. The stories shared in these books blend the experiences of Métis families who were forcibly removed from their homes and relocated to an unfamiliar part of the province, where they found so little of what was promised to them. Award-winning children’s author Wilfred Burton skillfully shares this story through the eyes of the children involved and have been translated by Norman Fleury. Christina John’s vibrant illustrations are the perfect accompaniment to this authentic vignette of a little-known part of Prairie history.

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