Seeing the World with Aboriginal Eyes

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Brian Rice
Grade Levels:
Eleven, Twelve, College, University
Cayuga, Iroquois, Mohawk, Multiple Nations, Ojibwe, Oneida, Onondaga, Seneca, Tuscarora, Woodland
Book Type:
Aboriginal Issues Press
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Seeing the World with Aboriginal Eyes: A Four Directional Perspective on Human and Non-Human Values, Cultures and Relationships on Turtle Island is a guide by Mohawk professor Brian Rice designed for beginners seeking to understand Aboriginal worldview and spirituality. Rice developed this manual through a process while teaching Aboriginal spirituality and worldview in the Department of Native Studies at the University of Sudbury. He draws on teachings provided by two influential Elders: Art Solomon and Chief Jacob Thomas. These two Elders provide the core understandings which are supplemented by the works and teachings of other spiritual advisors. The work of Jim Dumont provides the organizing formula for the book by detailing the four basic teachings of the four directions encompassing the circle of life. The first section is the Eastern Door which includes the cosmology, vision, beliefs and values of the Seeing Path. The Southern Door introduces Ways of Relating which include environment, interactions between Aboriginal Peoples and others, the cycle of life, time, mathematics, and numbers. The third section is the Western Door incorporating the Coming to Knowledge that includes the Elders, the learning path, and Aboriginal Knowledge. The final section is the Northern Door for the Ways of Doing that encompass the ceremonies, healing, prayer and life ways. Throughout the text the author describes creation stories, duality in cosmology, reciprocity, the story of the Peacemaker, the Seven Grandfathers, the vision quest, Elders and healers, and ethics. Examples from various First Nations' teachings are included as well as the teachings from the Rotinonshonni (Haudenosaunee/Iroquois) and Anishnawbe (Ojibwe). This is a valuable resource text for anyone interested in understanding First Nations Spirituality.

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