Shame to Shine : From Wreckage to Rise From Domestic Violence

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Cher Obediah
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Brant Service Press
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Shame to Shine : The Wreckage & Rise from Domestic Violence is written and illustrated by Cher Obediah, Mohawk and Ojibwe, and edited by Jaclyn Piudik. Cover design by Joel Martin.

“The truth is… I lied to protect my partner. Shame to Shine is my diary in poetry, my voice unmuted – from the first kiss through the shame and back again to live the life my spirit seeks. Leaving sounds simple but Initimate Partner Violence isn’t logical, it’s psychological and I learned I wasn’t immune” Cher Obediah.

Survivor reviews
-The author supplied real advice with real situations, and it made the transitions to the next chapter relatable and understandable. I enjoyed the emotional ride throughout; it most definitely displays the struggle for DV on leaving and the constant battles one fights in their mind – however, it shows that with healing, days can become brighter and much lighter. The reference to counselling conversations was a nice addition. - Survivor 

-Her stories are mine too, some of them identical. I realize that I am not alone in my experience; what I went through WAS real. Cher has a beautiful gift of choosing words to explain perfectly the complexity of feelings and insidiousness that transpires in an abusive relationship. –Survivor

-Reading your poems felt like I was speaking my truth of what actually happened. The last chapter made me hopeful for the present and future, that we can shine the light that was dimmed for too long. I would definitely recommend this book to another person who is in any stage of recovery or to anyone wanting to understand and offer support to survivors. - Survivor



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