Gaadgas Nora Bellis - So You Girls Remember That: Memories of a Haida Elder

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Gaadgas Nora Bellis with Jenny Nelson
Grade Levels:
Twelve, Adult Education
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Harbour Publishing
Copyright Date:
Publication Date:
April 30/22

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So You Girls Remember That is an oral history of a Haida Elder, Naanii Nora, who lived from 1902 to 1997. A collaborative effort of collected wisdoms, reflections and stories, this project was initiated and guided by Charlie Bellis and supported and encouraged by Maureen and other community volunteers. The resulting book, compiled by Jenny Nelson, is a window into Nora’s life and her family—from the young girl who “used to sing all the time” and was always bossing her brothers around to stories of Nora’s father born on a canoe travelling to the mainland to days spent picking berries and afternoons canning and cooking, these are stories of childhood; of people and place, seasons and change; life stages and transitions such as moving and marriage; and Haida songs and meanings.

This book also contains the larger story of Nora’s times, a representation of changing political relationships between Canada and the Haida people and a personal part of the Haida tale.

What ultimately shines through is Nora’s singular and dynamic voice speaking with the wisdom of years. For example, on giving advice she says: “I like to give anybody advice because when you’re young you don’t know nothing on this world. What’s coming; what’s going … You have to remember it’s a steep hill; you’re right on the top. You slide down anytime if you don’t be careful.”

This is a work of great generosity, expressing Nora’s spirit of living—her joy, humour, spirituality and resourcefulness; her love of children, music and social life; her kindness, strong will and creativity; and her spirit that has nurtured a community and endures to this day. 50 black and white photographs and 3 maps, 20 Halftones, color, 3 Maps

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