Space-Time Colonialism Alaska's Indigenous and Asian Entanglements

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Pegues Hu Juliana
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University of North Carolina Press
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Space-Time Colonialism Alaska's Indigenous and Asian Entanglements by Juliana Hu Pegues discusses the geopolitics of Alaska as an indispensable context for examining the form and function of American colonialism, particularly in the shift from western continental expansion to global empire. Four key historical periods in U.S.-Alaskan history: the Alaskan purchase, the Gold Rush, the emergence of salmon canneries, and the World War II era. In each, Hu Pegues recognizes colonial and racial entanglements between Alaska Native peoples and Asian immigrants. In the midst of this complex interplay, the American colonial project advanced by differentially racializing and gendering Indigenous and Asian peoples, constructing Asian immigrants as "out of place" and Alaska Natives as "out of time." Counter to this space-time colonialism, Native and Asian peoples created alternate modes of meaning and belonging through their literature, photography, political organizing, and sociality.

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