Strong Readers Educator Resource Guide

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Supporting guide for the Strong Readers Levels 1 - 20, Set A & B.
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Strong Nations Publishing
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The Strong Readers Educator Resource Guide is a supporting guide for the Strong Readers Levels 1 - 20, Set A & B. 

The Educators Resource Guide is organized in a binder with each section tabbed (373 pages total).

The comprehensive guide provides you with the following:

  • Strong Readers Overview
  • Correlation Chart
  • Title list
  • Titles Supporting Specific Areas
  • Introduction to Guided Reading
  • Guided Reading Lesson Plan Overview
  • Guided Reading Lesson Planning
  • Data Sheet and Thinking Sheets, Levels 1 - 20
  • Tools to Support Guided Reading Lesson Planning
  • Coaching Records/Running Records
  • How to Use the Coaching Records
  • Levels 1 - 20

As a team we have put a lot of thought and energy into providing you with the tools that we feel will support your use of the Strong Readers. Please note that this resource does not contain lesson plans or coaching records for either the "Northern Series" or the "Métis Series".

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