Strong Readers Set A Level 9 - Bannock surprise

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Terri Mack
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Kindergarten, One, Two
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Strong Nations Publishing
Strong Readers Set A
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Written by Terri Mack, Kay Kwee Kway Kwa, is a member of the Da'naxda'xw Awaetlala Nation. 

This poem is about making bannock.
Do you know what bannock is?
Who do you think the surprise is for?

Educator & Series Information
This book is part of the Strong Readers: Set A series. Set A includes a mixture of both fiction and non-fiction books, from levels 1 through 10, based on the appearance, behaviours, and habitats of frog, bear, eagle, and raven. The fictional stories are about frog, bear, eagle, and raven with their friends in their respective habitats.

The Strong Readers are a guided/leveled reading series that are chock full of science, numeracy, social responsibility, language arts and oral language teachings. These books are rich with scaffolded text features and have beautiful illustrations and photographs. The entire series is interconnected and follows the cultural values of frog, bear, eagle and raven throughout.

Guided Reading Level: 9



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