The All + Flesh : Poems

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Brandi Bird
Saulteaux, Cree, Métis
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House of Anansi Press
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Brandi Bird, a Saulteaux, Cree, and Metis writer from Treaty 1 Territory, writes frank, transcendent poems that explore the concepts of health, language, place, and memory in this long-anticipated debut collection.

Brandi Bird’s long-anticipated debut poetry collection, The All + Flesh, explores the concepts of health, language, place, and memory that connect its author to their chosen kin, blood relatives, and ancestral lands. By examining kinship in broader contexts, these frank, transcendent poems expose binaries that exist inside those relationships, then inspect and tease them apart in the hope of moving toward decolonial future(s). Bird’s work is highly concerned with how outer and inner landscapes move and change within the confines of the English language, particularly the “I” of the self, a tradition of movement that has been lost for many who don’t speak their Indigenous languages or live on their homelands. By exploring the landscapes the poet does inhabit, both internally and externally, Bird’s poems seek to delve into and reflect their cultural lineages—specifically Saulteaux, Cree, and Métis—and how these transformative identities shape the person they are today.

I am made of centuries & carbohydrates
the development of my molars
the hunger the teeth grew
has been with me since childhood
I can’t escape the mouths of others

2024 Indigenous Voices Awards Recipient, The Prose in English Award 

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