The Case of the Rigged Race (FNCR 2023)

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Michael Hutchinson
A Mighty Muskrats Mystery Series
Grade Levels:
Four, Five, Six, Seven
Book Type:
Second Story Press
A Mighty Muskrats Mystery Series
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Michael Hutchinson is Swampy Cree from the Treaty 5 area and a member of the Misipawistik Cree Nation.

Windy Lake First Nation is hosting the annual Trappers Festival, and the four Mighty Muskrats are excited about the sled-dog races and the chance to visit with family and friends from far and wide. But during the Teen Sled Race, the lead dog is the victim of a frightening accident that may be more than it seems.

Between mysterious strangers seen lurking by the trail and a loud group of animal rights protestors, the Muskrats have a lot of suspects. Despite the chill of winter, the case is heating up for Sam, Otter, Atim, and Chickadee!

"The Mighty Muskrats, young sleuths, take us to the Windy Lake Trapper’s Festival. The mystery begins when a cousin and his dog team don’t finish a dogsled race. They are quick to ask questions, to discover and unravel clues, seeking answers to why a healthy lead dog fell ill in the middle of a race. These four curious, young friends work with their uncle and grandpa, to comprehend why angry people lash out causing harm to others. In this story, city and northern peoples have different viewpoints. The Mighty Muskrats seek knowledge and wisdom to understand others, one suspect at a time, in order to solve the mystery. What an adventure they have, finding themselves in many dangerous situations with many supporters offering help. The Mighty Muskrats prevail, helping their community in a great way.

 This is the fourth, Mighty Muskrats mystery. Dogsled racing, traditional craft booths, entrepreneurship and competition, changing ways are all apart of this story. A great mystery to help us build our curious minds. Kids can make a difference." - Dr. Laura Horton

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