The First Few Feet in a World of Wolves

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Scott Mainprize
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Adult Education, College, University
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At Bay Press
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Scott Mainprize is an Algonquin Two-Spirit lawyer and university instructor who has lived across Turtle Island. Primarily working in the areas of restorative justice, criminal law, and Indigenous - colonial history, his work is grounded in the Calls to Action and focuses on understanding where we are situated in relation to our individual, and collective, reconciliation journeys.

The First Few Feet in a World of Wolves chronicles the fictionalization of the year the author spent teaching in Aupaluk (a remote Inuit community on the Ungava Coast of Nunavik). The second outlines, and explores, the history of oppression experienced by the more than five hundred Indigenous nations across northern Turtle Island at the hands of the Canadian government since the Royal Proclamation. Told through the voice of Nomad, who finds himself very much at odds with the land itself. Nomad slowly learns how to reconnect with his fractured history as he embraces and is embraced by the Elders and his own students. Told in crisp, spare prose, this debut novel brings forward a powerful new indigenous voice to the literary landscape.

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