The Fourth World : An Indian Reality

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George Manuel, Michael Posluns
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The Fourth World : An Indian Reality is by authors George Manuel, Secwepemc, and Michael Posluns, with a foreword by Vine Deloria Jr., Standing Rock Sioux (Lakota) Nation, and an afterword by Doreen Manuel, Secwepemc/Ktunaxa. The introduction is by Glen Sean Coulthard, Yellowknives Dene.

Originally published in 1974, The Fourth World is a critical work of Indigenous political activism and a foundational work of radical anticolonialism, which is now back in print. George Manuel, a leader in the North American Indian movement at that time, with coauthor journalist Michael Posluns, presents a rich historical document that traces the struggle for Indigenous survival as a nation, a culture, and a reality.

At the time of writing The Fourth World it would have been difficult (although not impossible) to predict the degree to which the recognition of Indigenous rights would come to serve as the cunning medium through which dispossession would be facilitated, not reversed, by the colonial state and international legal apparatus. In spite of his lifelong struggle, however, George Manuel's vision of decolonization for the Fourth World has yet to come to fruition, both nationally and globally. The Fourth World is nevertheless one of those rare examples of a book that continues to be relevant after forty-two years since its original publication — Glen Sean Coulthard, from the Introduction. This book contains 6 b&w photos, 1 map.

George Manuel (1921–1989) (Secwepemc) was an Indigenous leader and activist. He formed the UN-affiliated World Council of Indigenous Peoples in 1975.

Michael Posluns is author of Voices from the Odeyak and Speaking with Authority.

Vine Deloria Jr. (1933–2005) was a leading Native American scholar and activist. He is author of several books, including Custer Died for Your Sins: An Indian Manifesto.

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