The Loon's Necklace and Misho

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James Mishibinijima
Grade Levels:
Four, Five, Six
Book Type:
Kenjjgewin Teg Educational Institute
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The Loon's Necklace and Misho is written and illustrated by Ojibwe artist James Mishibinijima and published by Kenjgewin Teg Educational Institute. This Ojibwe legend about the loon and a blind man from long ago is retold through an engaging text and illustrated in the Woodland Art Style that evokes compassion and sacrifice. A blind man named Misho is treated with respect by his community. The village has set up a special place for the man so he can easily find his way. The man carried many stories and teachings and had found an important role in his community. He appreciated all of creation despite his blindness. The Great Spirit decided to assist this gifted person by returning his sight. One day Misho hears the sound of wings passing overhead along with a bird's special call. The loons gladly gave up their sight so this special person could see the magnificence of the earth. In return Misho gifted the birds with white shell necklaces. As time passed the man empathized with the blind birds and asked for the return of their sight in exchange for his original blindness. The Creator complied. As a result the birds received the white shell beads and the loons forever carry these white patches on their backs.

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