The Perfect Crime

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Maxim Jakubowski
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Harper Collins Canada
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A deadly affair unravels in LAGOS. In THE CARIBBEAN, a jaded jewel thief plots his next scam. A teacher dies in mysterious circumstances in 1950s DARJEELING. A LOS ANGELES killer stalks Snapchat. An ex-cop takes on a smoking gun case in the CANADIAN PRAIRIES. Human traffickers crash a road trip in WASHINGTON STATE. On a NEW ZEALAND sheep farm, revenge proves thicker than blood. 1920s NEW SOUTH WALES is the setting for a series of bride murders. In LONG ISLAND, an aspiring rapper discovers all that glitters is rarely gold. A heart-breaking catch-22 unfolds in OMAHA. Bootleg hooch sparks a war on the ROSEBUD RESERVATION. A serial killer adds to his collection in PECKHAM. A masseuse mysteriously falls to her death in QUEENS. Two gangsters uncover a dark deed in HOUNSLOW. Macabre secrets haunt a house in 1940s MEXICO CITY. A husband’s con goes badly wrong in LONDON. In SANTA MONICA, a ‘feeling’ machine is invented. A footballer’s girlfriends disappear in MANCHESTER. A plague of mysterious visitors arrives at SANDHURST. An art restorer is stalked in TORONTO. A cold-case corpse surfaces in FOLKESTONE. A nightclub bouncer sets out for revenge in RURAL AMERICA...
Twenty-two bestselling crime writers from diverse cultures come together from across the world in a razor sharp and deliciously sinister collection of crime stories...including Thomas King.

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