The Reckoner Rises, Book 3: God Flare (Pre-Order for Sept 3/24)

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David A. Robertson
Reckoner Rises
Grade Levels:
Ten, Eleven, Twelve
Book Type:
PB Graphic Novel
Highwater Press
Reckoner Rises
Copyright Date:

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Eva and Cole are back just in time to face Mihko’s latest threat: the terrifying results of human experimentation.

Cole and Eva are reunited once more. A new terror looms as Mihko Laboratories latest human experiments are about to be unleashed. Cole is on the long road to recovery, but he’s still struggling with survivor’s guilt. He must stay focused as he, Eva, and their friends prepare for the final showdown with Mihko.

After the events of Version Control, Brady’s mind is fractured, and he can’t distinguish between what really happened and what Mikho made him believe. Eva and Cole may have to face this terrifying threat without him. It’s a grim prospect, but a new discovery might just change everything: God Flare.

Will Brady recover enough to join the fight? Can Cole come to terms with his abilities in spite of his PTSD? And will God Flare help even the odds against Mihko?

God Flare is the latest volume in the Reckoner Rises series from best-selling author David A. Robertson.

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