The Secret Of Your Name pb

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David Bouchard
Grade Levels:
Four, Five, Six
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Red Deer Press
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The Secret of Your Name: Proud to be Métis, Kiimooch ka shinikashooyen, Aen Kishchitaymook Aen Li Michif Iwik, is the 2010 picture book by renowned Métis author David Bouchard. The book draws in readers with the warmth and detailed colour art illustrations by Dennis J. Weber as well as the poetic verses written in English and Michif. The story of the author's identity is told in the spare text and the engaging images. He begins with acknowledging the early contact period of the French and First Nations. The truth about his true identity lay hidden from the child but as the child matures into an adult he successfully searches out his lineage to his Anishinaabe (Chippewa), Innu, and Menominee grandmothers. While tracing Bouchard's ancestry the reader is given a brief history of the Métis story in Canada. Full page portraits of Gabriel Dumont and Louis Riel appear in the book to give context and depth to the story. The illustrator has captured the depth of longing and memory as the author searches for the connections to his identity. Within each image the artist seamlessly connects the viewer to aspects of First Nations traditional life, the fur trade, the buffalo hunt, the church, and Métis iconography. The Michif language translation and narration is provided by Norman Fleury. Accompanying this remarkable book is an audio CD with the story narration in English and Michif. Fiddle music is provided by well-known musician John Arcand. This book captures the joy and pride of a Métis man as he shares this moving tribute to his Nation. Highly recommended.

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