The Shaman Who Became Many Animals. Inuktitut and English Edition.

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Jaypeetee Arnakak
Sigmundur Thorgeirsson
Grade Levels:
Kindergarten, One, Two
Book Type:
Inhabit Education
Copyright Date:
Publication Date:
(May 14/24)

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Adapted by Jaypeetee Arnakak. Illustrated by Sigmundur Thorgeirsson and Tindur Peturs.

“Long ago there was a great shaman. He wanted to live the life of animals.”

How did Inuit come to know so much about Arctic animals? Follow a shaman as he is reborn as a polar bear, a ringed seal, and more to learn about what each animal teaches him. Through simplified text and engaging illustrations, young readers are sure to enjoy this adaptation of a traditional story.

This stunningly illustrated bilingual picture book serves as an early-level introduction to the rich, mysterious world of Inuit mythology. Adapted by author and linguist Jaypeetee Arnakak with the intention of teaching Inuktitut as a second language, The Shaman Who Became Many Animals can be enjoyed by Inuktitut language learners and curious young readers alike.

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Audience: Age 6. Full colour illustrations throughout. Language: English, Inuktitut.

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