The Slow Rush of Colonization : Spaces of Power in the Maritime Peninsula, 1680-1790

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Thomas Peace
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Adult Education, College, University
Mi’kmaw, Wabanaki, Peskotomuhkati, Wolastoqiyik
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UBC Press
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Thomas Peace is an associate professor of history and co-director of the Community History Centre at Huron University College. He has authored numerous articles on the history of schooling and settler colonialism, historical relationships between the Mi’kmaw and Acadians, and the influence of digital technologies on the historian’s craft.

The commonplace history of Quebec and the Maritime Peninsula tells us that Canada and the US were decisively shaped by the defeat of Montcalm at the Plains of Abraham in 1759. This brilliant new history takes us back almost a hundred years earlier, examining French and English warfare, trade, diplomacy, and settlement on Mi’kmaw, Wabanaki, Peskotomuhkati, and Wolastoqiyik Lands. In doing so, Thomas Peace demonstrates how these Peoples maintained their Homelands, while, at the same time, after 1759, the broader historical context established in the early chapters of this book set the stage for a rapid influx of colonists on their Lands. This book contains 2 b&w photos, 9 maps, 1 diagram, 3 tables.

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