The Song That Called Them Home (HC)

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David A. Robertson
Grade Levels:
Preschool, Kindergarten, One, Two, Three
Book Type:
Tundra Books
Copyright Date:

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Written by David A. Robertson, a member of Norway House Cree Nation, and illustrated by Maya McKibbin, a Two-Spirited Ojibwe, Yoeme and Irish filmmaker, illustrator and storyteller.

One summer day, Lauren and her little brother, James, go on a trip to the land with their Moshom (grandfather). After they've arrived, the children decide to fish for dinner while Moshom naps. They are in their canoe in the middle of the lake when the water around them begins to swirl and crash. They are thrown overboard and when Lauren surfaces she sees her brother being pulled away by the Memekwesewak — creatures who live in and around water and like to interfere with humans. Lauren must follow the Memekwesewak through a portal and along a watery path to find and bring back James. But when she finally comes upon her brother, she too feels the lure of the Memekwesewak’s song. Something even stronger must pull them back home.

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