The Yavapai, People of The Sun. Canoe Kids/4Canoes Vol 4 Print

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Kelly Brownbill
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Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Adult Education
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Canoe Kids/ 4 Canoes
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4 Canoes (formerly Canoe Kids) is a unique, ongoing, 24-edition series created to bring Indigenous Peoples into our classrooms and homes. Each issue highlights a different Nation and is produced with integrity and respect.
In this issue of 4Canoes, we feature the Yavapai People. Their traditional territory is in what is now the south west region of the United States of America. Our first issue came from the center of Turtle Island, namely Manitoulin Island. We then went west to Haida Gwaii then east to Ktaqamkuk. We take great pride in being able to showcase the uniqueness of the original peoples and remind our readers that it is through the words of their own people, each nation can be celebrated. As we prepare to visit other nations, come explore with us!--Editor's note (page 5)
The Yavapai People kindly assisted the Canoe Kids staff by allowing access to their traditional territory and invited us into their community. Canoe Kids acknowledges the generosity of the Yavapai Culture Center

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